Thursday, April 26, 2012

-20 and -20+

What the heck does -20 and -20+ means? Well I have been on this health kick, because there comes a time when you just get sick of gaining weight. The above is my weight statistics, I am now at negative twenty pounds and I have twenty more pounds to lose. Now if you have been around me you may have noticed my weight lost. I can assure you saying negative twenty pounds sounds a lot more drastic than it looks. None the less I am proud of my progress and I am excited to continue to progress. I do not desire or need encouragement for the weight I have lost, and I do not desire and definitely do not want discouragement against losing more. Now when I become 120 pounds and still desire to lose more, I will suggest you intervene, but I assure you I am very far from that. I have taken before and after photos, but due to pride and modest issues you will NEVER see those photos. I assure you that neither before or after pictures are pleasant, but progress is happening. I can honestly say I am proud of you Mary. This is first time in my life I have lost weight. I mean may have lose a pound here or there, but never have I lost weight seriously. In high school I was very fit, I did every sport under the sun, I have to say I was very talent. I did not healthy but I did not gain much weight. Junior year I tore my ACL and was out, then senior year I tore the other ACL and I was out and that was the end to my athletic career. For that point on into college I did nothing but gain weight. I gained and gained and gained until I gained too freaking much and this when Feb 2012 I decided to do something about it HCG 500 calorie diet. Research yourself if you desire. That began my healthy kick, and a few months later I am struggling but I am still on it. I will post more in detail specifically about the diet, what I am doing now, and what I plan to do in the future. I am 25 and my goal is to be skinny by time I am 26 in Oct. I will keep you posted. I was talking to one of my skinny friends and I told her my desire was to be her size, with a lot more on top and in the back!!! I love you HJ, you are beautiful!

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