Saturday, April 28, 2012

Em, really?

I believe I stated in a previous post that I asked my fellow facebook friends what I should right about and my dear friend Emily made the following suggestions: Chicken and waffles; what it feels like to poop; your thoughts on Audrey Hepburn; what you dreamt about last night; your naughty names; elephantitis. While she was completely joking I thought it would be funny to attempt to write about the above. I will not waste my time on making them all separate post, but will include all topics in this one post. Let the games begin,

Chicken and Waffles: Los Angeles has a restaurant called Roscos Chicken and Waffles. OMG, do they have some amazing golden fried chicken, and buttery golden waffles. I do not eat waffles often, but those waffles are FIRE!!! For those who do not know what FIRE means, it is define as absolutely AMAZING, really, really tasty! If you ever go to LA, you must try Roscos.

What it feels like to poop? This is gross. But that depends on the day. The majority of times it a one hitter quiter, meaning I am in and out. Sometimes when the stomach is not right, you know how it is, it does not feel well at all.  Overall it feels like a complete relief to let it all out. Okay, moving on.

Audrey Hepburn? Well honestly I did not know who she was until I went to college, coming from a black family in the midwest, I did not grow up watching her movies. When I went to college, I guess because she was a classy woman and the movies were fairly clean, my christian homeschool friends loved her movies. That is when I frist met her. My dear friend got Breakfast at Tiffany's (BAT) as a gift for her wedding, and she gave it to me and recently I tried to watch it but it kept skipping. AH is stunning. She is the picture of elegant! I love her in the sexy black dress in BAT wearing those classy pearls. Some days I aspire to look like her, but she was way too skinny for me. 

What was my dream last night? Honestly I do not know. Too bad I do not have any juicy stories to tell.

Naughty Names: Em, I can honestly say I do not know what you are talking about, naughty names. I did not think I had them. 

Elephantitis:is defined as a vivid and accurate term for the syndrome it describes: the gross (visible) enlargement of the arms, legs, or genitals to elephantoid size. This is something I pray I never get. I love that in the definition it states thats its GROSS. Lord be with those who suffer from this. 

I hope you found this post while random, interesting. Look forward to chatting with you all later. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

-20 and -20+

What the heck does -20 and -20+ means? Well I have been on this health kick, because there comes a time when you just get sick of gaining weight. The above is my weight statistics, I am now at negative twenty pounds and I have twenty more pounds to lose. Now if you have been around me you may have noticed my weight lost. I can assure you saying negative twenty pounds sounds a lot more drastic than it looks. None the less I am proud of my progress and I am excited to continue to progress. I do not desire or need encouragement for the weight I have lost, and I do not desire and definitely do not want discouragement against losing more. Now when I become 120 pounds and still desire to lose more, I will suggest you intervene, but I assure you I am very far from that. I have taken before and after photos, but due to pride and modest issues you will NEVER see those photos. I assure you that neither before or after pictures are pleasant, but progress is happening. I can honestly say I am proud of you Mary. This is first time in my life I have lost weight. I mean may have lose a pound here or there, but never have I lost weight seriously. In high school I was very fit, I did every sport under the sun, I have to say I was very talent. I did not healthy but I did not gain much weight. Junior year I tore my ACL and was out, then senior year I tore the other ACL and I was out and that was the end to my athletic career. For that point on into college I did nothing but gain weight. I gained and gained and gained until I gained too freaking much and this when Feb 2012 I decided to do something about it HCG 500 calorie diet. Research yourself if you desire. That began my healthy kick, and a few months later I am struggling but I am still on it. I will post more in detail specifically about the diet, what I am doing now, and what I plan to do in the future. I am 25 and my goal is to be skinny by time I am 26 in Oct. I will keep you posted. I was talking to one of my skinny friends and I told her my desire was to be her size, with a lot more on top and in the back!!! I love you HJ, you are beautiful!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get to Know Me...Baby!

So as many of you can see who have visited my blog months past, it has gotten a face lift. I am no web designer, so forgive me and comment if you hate the look. Not only did I change the look of this blog but I have also changed the name of my blog. Many of my close friends know that one of my slogans is, "Get to Know me...Baby!" I often use that slogan when someone doesn't know a fact about me, or is not understanding me, or just don't get me. So no matter who you are, how long you have known me, or how well you think you know me, Get to Know Me, Baby, because there are somethings you don't yet know about me. I do not promise that I will update often, but now with the blogger facelift I can now see how many views a day. I now can see my motivation.

Readers Choice: I asked my facebook friends what they wanted me to blog about and I got some random messages, many not really serious, but the first desire was for me to write about how I felt about them specifically. For the sake of confidentiality I will not post the persons name but she knows who she is. One of my dear kids I have worked with for the last two years.

Heres to you my dear. This will be short and sweet.

You make me smile most of the times I see you, other then when I have to get on you when you are not doing what you are suppose to be doing, but still you are dear to my heart. You are very funny and often make me laugh. I have cried both tears of joy and sorrow with you and for you. Like I stated before you have a special place in my heart. I desire nothing but the best for you, and have belief that the Lord will take great care of you. When I desire to change my career path, its people like you that make me want to continue. I will fight for you, you just have to continue to fight with me girl. Don't give up, press on. For the Lord has a plan for you, for wholeness, and to prosper. You are a child of the king my dear, when I started my job with Hope a few years ago, the Lord distinctly placed you in my life. So thanks for all the fun we have and for just being you. Lets finish this school year off with a success.

Thanks for sticking with my friends. I hope we can continue this blog relationship. Its just really difficult for me to keep up. There is lots to learn about me. Like you may want to know what the heck have I been up to these past 8 months, my thoughts, goals, questions, and funny stories. Or maybe my life as a Black, or female, or single, or as a Christian. I don't know what you want to know but, GET TO KNOW ME... BABY