Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day in The Life of Me!

I guess Joanna is the only person who is really interested in asking me to discuss a certain topic. Joanna you are by far my favorite blog friend.

Each day of the week tends to look pretty much the same every week. So Joanna I will write about my typical Tuesday and the funny thing is that today for the most part looked the same, but there was some change. Tuesdays I wake up take kids to school, head to counseling, and I have two classes. One of my classes is a lab class and we get to go explore different agencies. I think this is my favorite class so far, I am learning so much about many agencies in St. Louis and learning what I want to do when I am done with school. For many who don't know and I am a Social Worker student in St. Louis.

Today I started my day out with some counseling. As aside note, every time I leave counseling I call my dear friend Loren, but today I got the opportunity to talk with her before going. This is one blessing for today. But I want to take you all inside my counseling session today. It was interesting. I can't exactly remember what lead to this but for some reason there was a picture that popped in my head while sitting there and I shared it with my counselor and she asked me to draw it out. I wish I could show it to you all. I am a horrible artist. This picture was a depiction of my life. It was me in this cold dark box chained and naked. The box was chained on the inside at least that was my perception of it. And on the outside it was easy for people to walk in. The person who is chained represents me. On the outside of the box there were all the people around me whom I have come into contact with, and on top were the people and situations who put me in the box. Then there was a sun and a moon which represented two things. One the people whom have taken time to get to know me and whom I have allowed in the box and it also represents how people perceive me. So the people who are surrounded by the box see these beautiful clouds and this sun, so they don't even perceive the rain and thunderstorm that comes from that cloud sometimes. This is an interesting thought process that I had which was very vivid in my mind this morning. My desire is for people to dig deeper and get to know me and a deeper level and my heart also is that I will become more transparent.

Today I was exposed and humbled. A few weeks ago I applied for my last year as a social work student and was supposed to find out about if I was accepted last week. I did not receive a letter to say if I was accepted or not. So I called the school and they asked me to come in for a meeting. I was very anxious but prayed about it some on the way to school. I tried to think of all the things they could address and what they addressed is not even close to what I ever would have imagined. I was in a sense rebuked and disciplined by two professors. I was so encouraged and humbled. They pretty much said you need to calm down, and you may be prideful. I am not meek, and I do not have a gentle and quiet spirit and they pointed that out today. I am forever grateful for those women who pointed that out to me and pray that I will seek to become more humble.

Also today for my lab we went to this place called The Urban Cafe which is located at St. Louis Ave. and 14th street in St. Louis and I encourage all of St. Louis and visitors to go and check them out and support their wonderful cause. All their proceeds go to better the community which it is located. They have great food as well.

My day is not done, now I get to go to a soccer game for my favorite 16 year old and then get to  sit outside and have a glass of wine with a good friend.


  1. HEY!!! Some of us care but didn't get to respond yet, dingbell.

  2. I will, dingbell! BTW, I heart this blog. Love how vulnerable you are, thank you!!

  3. i love how vulnerable you are too! it sounds like this was quite a day of personal revelations! love the post. :)

  4. Hey Mary! Thanks for being real on your blog...I have always liked how you don't hold back who you are or what's going on with you when you interact with your friends. It's a unique characteristic and it really shows how you throw yourself out to those you meet.

    Can I respond to the previous blog and ask you to write about something? Even if you say no I'm going to do it here...

    I want you to write about something you experience in creation (whether it's a sunrise, seeing a certain flower bloom, or looking at a leaf that has fallen off a tree) that reminds you of God's magnificence in creation and His holiness as God. Or, to say it differently, what's something that takes your breath away and makes you say, "wow, I serve a mighty God; look at his handiwork."

  5. Wow, Jill thank you for your encouragement, and wow what a great topic. Thanks for reminding me of looking at Gods creation. That post will come at some point. I need to reflect on that.