Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you a "Devils Advocate"?

Today I was talking to a friend and something hit me. Since being in this evaluation time I am finding myself evaluating sayings I have said for years.  As I was thinking of how to challenge my friend in what she was communicating with me about I thought I want to be the "Devils Advocate" and right before I was going to type it (we were on g-chat. The 2011 way of communicating) I thought to self, "devils advocate really" I then randomly messaged my friend and was like you know the saying "devils advocate" she replied, "why, yes". It took me a few seconds to write back because for the first time in my 24 years I questioned that saying. I know its just a saying but is it really. And I know people will say, "does it really matter Mary, get over yourself," and as people say it I am already over myself. Though its just a saying I want to eliminate sayings like that out of my vocabulary. I am an advocate of Christ, not the devils advocate. A few years ago as many of my blog readers know I attempted writing a book, which is still my desire but I am giving myself 10 years. Anyway one of the things I was writing is how crazy it is how so many non-christians in America confess the name of God. Now some may wonder how but check this out. "One Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all" Under who? God.  Our currency states, "In God we trust". What about when people sneeze, even non-believers say, "God, bless you". Those are just a few examples, but just like saying "devils advocate," God is praised by those who say they don't believe. I dare us not use language and sayings that would contradict what we believe. I am first to admit that I fail. This goes for Christians, Atheists, and Jews. Those of all creeds. Just a thought. 

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