Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Me!

So I just got an encouraging facebook message from a dear friend of mine, she encouraged me to do this blog for me, an outlet.  At the end of her message she said, "now go blog".  Katie thanks for your push and encouragement.  One thing that has been on my heart is how the Lord has been kind to me these past few months.  I have been so blessed and have been given much.  So blessed that I am overwhelmed with what I he has put on my plate.  I am being careful not to ask for him to take this load from me because I know I have been praying for these things for so long, my prayer is that whatever is on my plate, let me do it for his glory, and do it well.  I want to serve my girls well, I want to serve my friends well, I want to serve my family well, I want to do my job well, I want to do school well, I want to do all well.  But its a lot. I have been a little anxious at how much, but I have been filled with so much joy because he is answering my prayers.  I have never been so content in my life and he has given opportunities to speak to close friends who struggle with contentment.  My prayer is that I will be able to handle what the Lord has put in place, and secondly my prayer is that if the Lord takes things away, or if trials come I will still be just as joyful and still content.  Like Paul said in all circumstances I want to be content, in both the good and the hard times.  So join me as I learn to be content. I await for complete peace in the Lord. Shalom!

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