Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I would first like to give a big congrats to my baby sister Dio for graduating high school.  Many of my readers may not know me, but not only is it always exciting for a sibling to graduate but for my family this year is a major stepping stone.  My younger sister is the youngest of 9.  So therefore she is the last one to graduate high school. Thats a big deal.  This will be my last high school graduation until my oldest nephew graduates in 11 years.  Crazy!! So also want to say congrats to my parents.  I love them both dearly.  

I am not too good at this blogging thing.  I just don't know what to write about.  I don't know what interest people.  I wonder if people want to read some profound stuff( which I can't offer) or do they want to settle for reading stuff about my boring life? Because of that I give you all nothing.  Nothing at all, and I am sorry for that.  I was talking with my friend Loren the other day about something and she thought I should share it with blog friends.  At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it with you all because its so fresh.  But anyway I have decided to share this adventure with you all. This is something that I think is both profound and its about me.  Its something that I have deep passion for and pray it goes far. Anyway here it is. 

So I work part-time for this Christian non-profit with young girls in a community here in St. Louis.  Each girl I interact with is very dear to my heart.  I am also one person trying to care for a good number of girls.  This is something that I have been doing for the past 4 months.  I have thought of ways to better care for these girls and ways to preach the gospel to them as well.  But it has been kinda hard.  I often think I am not doing a good job. Hanging out with them is not enough.  So I try to come up with these great ideas and many time they have fallen through. 

 Last week the Lord brought two women into my life and it was an instant connection.   They both had desires to build into this community, so we decided to build a partnership. We have joined together to come up with great ideas to build into this community of girls and parents.  I have always wanted to start and run my own non-profit and its kinda happening.  I mean we have only met twice and we have come up with a name for the group, we are coming up with some fundraisers, we have ideas of what we are going to teach these girls.  But pretty much its an organization that enriches women lives.  From young ladies to mothers.  So there will be three things going on at once.  I will be the spiritual leader, then we have someone teaching them life lessons which I will also help out with, then we have my other partner focusing on mothers/caregivers.  Helping them be the best parents they can be to their teens.  There is so much I can't even go into great detail, so just take the overview for right now.  This is something I am passionate about and as I talked with my girls about it, they to are excited as well.  My prayer is that this program will build into these girls, who will then build into the community and make it a better place for them and others to live.  

So for my readers if you have any suggestions or ideas about topics, activities, arts and crafts, fundraiser ideas.  I would love to get those.  I want this to go far.  I will keep you posted on how things pan out. 

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